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Marvel } Sunrise Above Malibu

Word Count: 477
Genre: General
Ships?: Tony/THE LADIES. It is so canon. Maybe if you squint and stand on one foot, Tony/Pepper?
Friendships: Tony&Pepper
Characters: Tony Stark, Pepper Potts
Mentions: Mr. Yensin.
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of the sexytiems.
Spoilers: Slight ones for the movie, I suppose.
Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or any related characters. This was written out of enjoyment of the series, and no profit is being made.
Notes: Written for trilies to celebrate 40+ watchers. Takes place during the movie, the morning after the scene where Pepper helps Tony replace his heart... thing. Core. You know.

Also, if that was a spoiler, I guess I just spoiled you. WHOOPS-I-DAISY.

Various things about Anthony Stark.

Sunrise Above Malibu

He hasn’t had a regular sleep schedule since he was at least fifteen. He has seen the darkness of 2 AM gradually melt into the early greys of dawn. He has seen pearl pinks and pale oranges through the windows when he finally does hit the hay to catch a couple of hours.

The other souls of the world who may be awake at the same time as him may think the colours beautiful as they drift into sleep, as they fetch coffee, flick through TV channels. Tony Stark thinks of circuit boards and CPUs as his head hits the pillow.


His bed has been witness to more kisses - rough, deep, feather-light, tingling, tantalizing, varying across every pair of lips - than the paparazzi could ever snatch. Girls who blush and girls who grin and girls who moan from the back of their throats. Girls who come close to understanding and girls who don’t know anything at all.


The morning after the new core has been installed, Pepper strides out of his walk-in closet when he jogs into the bedroom from the lab. There is a dry-cleaning back slung over her shoulder and before she can say anything, he says, “I should take you out some time.”

Pepper shakes her head slightly. “What do you mean, Mr. Stark?”

“That’s what people do, isn’t it? To thank each other? Do nice things for each other? We can go anywhere you want. Even Thai. Actually, no, not Thai. Thai gives me heartburn.”

“I think my paycheck is thanks enough, Mr. Stark.”

“Are you sure?” He stands in the doorway when she tries to walk out, blocking her path. “Because you did help me out yesterday. A whole lot. You do know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, I think I fully understood when you stopped... flatlining.” Her eyes flick to the blue plate in his chest and back up.

“You know what you are, Miss Potts?” Tony raises his index finger in the air, as though he is about to bestow her with a small piece of great wisdom. “You are far too humble. You saved a man’s life, and you ask for nothing in return.”

Pepper watches him, the way his mouth quirks at one end. He doesn’t have bags under his eyes, which means he has been getting enough sleep, but there is still something wrong.

She thinks about asking him if he’s been drinking.

Tony, meanwhile, just thinks about how true his words really are.

Yensin would like her.

“Will that be all, Mr. Stark?” she asks, but it comes out as a sigh, her shoulders slumping in a release of tension she didn’t know was there.

The sun starts to rise above Malibu through the windows, but in the darkness, the only light is the blue glow of his heart. “That will be all, Miss Potts.”


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