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Tutorial } How to Make a Fanmix

For niteflite, because she asked for something tutorial-y for Christmas! ♥

Now this is important: the fanmix in this tutorial isn't one I made. It is "Near to You", an Edward/Rosalie EP by midnight_27. But seeing as she didn't have a ZIP, I'll just show you how I make one. :D

I use iTunes for all of my fanmixy activities. I'm on the bandwagon like that.

Step 1.) So when I want to make a fanmix, the first thing I do is start a new playlist. As I listen to music, if I make a connection between a song and a character/pairing in fandom, I'll add it to the playlist.

The others here are coded for the sake of secrecy. Except bromances. Because everyone likes bromances! |D (...Okay so they're ridiculously obvious if you know me. Or even if you take a look at the tags.)

Step 2.) Once I'm satisfied with the length, I rearrange the songs to the order they'll play on the fanmix. I usually try to go for a chronological thing, depending on the subject matter. I also try to stick songs with similar tones together (lighter, happier songs go together, then slowly work towards sadder ones, that sorta thing).

Step 3.) Time to start preparing the ZIP file! Already? Yes, already. Make a new folder somewhere on your computer. DON'T MAKE A ZIP FILE YET. (Make sure you know where to find it again! xD)

As you can see, I have a huge folder on my desktop made up of my own mixes and other people's. (Yes that is EVE on my wallpaper.)

Step 4.) Make your cover art, if you want, and save it there.

Step 5.) Go back to your playlist on iTunes. Right click a song and click "Show in Windows Explorer". Now whether you want to move the original file itself or make copies is up to you, but put the songs into your fanmix folder. Go down the playlist and move your files over.

Step 6.) Rename the song files so they stay in the order you want them too. Like so:

Step 7.) Now we're going to package the files together like an album! So when someone downloads your fanmix and wants to put the whole thing into their iTunes they can just choose "Add Folder to Library" from the file menu.

Back to iTunes we go. Right click a song and choose "Get Info". Go to the Info tab, and change the Year, Track, and Disk numbers accordingly. The Album Artist box is always Various Artists, unless your fanmix is made from one artist (which is not unheard of). The Album name is obviously the name of your fanmix. Keep going until your entire fanmix is a new album.

Step 8.) If you have cover art, press Ctrl+B. This will take you to the browser mode. Click on the name of your fanmix in the Album column. Then press Ctrl+I. When asked if you want to edit information for multiple items, say yes. Double click on the "Artwork" box, browse to your front cover, and press okay. When prompted again, click yes.

Step 9.) Alright, your song files are all done! Now to finally make that Zip file! Go back to your fanmix folder. Make a Zip file within your folder. Select all the song files and the covers and plop them in that there Zip file. (You don't need WinRar to do this. That's just my trial on my computer.)

Step 10.) Upload it to a file sharing website and post it somewhere! :D

And when your downloaders import to their libraries they'll get something like this.

Keep the whole folder in case anyone asks for an individual song, or a reupload.

If anything wasn't clear, or you need help on anything, leave me a comment and I'll try my best. :D
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