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Tuna Salad Soliloquy

Having trouble saying what I mean with dead poets and drum machines


Still don't know what I was looking for

xxx This is the "works" journal for a girl named Tuna Salad Sonnet. Here you will most often find fanfiction, peppered with the occasional mix, icon dump, picspam or profile code. She is especially fond of the Kingdom Hearts fandom, (and crack-shipping) but she likes to think she's willing to give most anything a try. Enjoy your stay (and the craziness).

And my time was running wild
projects on the go;;

Un_Love_You Challenge } Kingdom Hearts → Axel/Larxene → 6/30 complete
Fanfic100 Challenge } Kingdom Hearts → General → 30/100 complete
Drink Up, Me Hearties } Kingdom Hearts Pirate AU → 12/??? Chapters Complete
Snail Mail } Earthbound → 1/??? Parts Complete
Porcelain Dragons } Kingdom Hearts → 0.5/??? Chapters Complete (xD)
Gravity of the Situation } Kingdom Hearts → 1/4 Chapters Complete
Twenty Four } Disney/Kingdom Hearts AU → 1/3 Acts Complete

A million dead-end streets
projects completed;;

Circumstances of Heartbreaking Interest } Kingdom Hearts/Twilight → 3/3 → General, Humour, Crack
Beating Drum Heart } Kingdom Hearts (Lexaeus centric) → 6/6 → General, Action, Romance

Every time I thought I got it made
award-winning/reader's pick fics;;

Thank You For Believing in Me
"No words, my darling Tuna. Absolutely no words." ~ kaiyabeck

It seems the taste was not so sweet
other links;;

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